Jamie A Jacobson

Life Coach, Teacher, and Writer in SeaTac, WA


I am a Soul Work Mentor and Life Purpose /Career Coach.

I aim to serve Creatives, Introverted intuitive, & soulful, old-souled, multipotential, self-starters that desire healing, to live in wisdom, and wellness to build a purpose-driven, holistic, creative, lifestyle business that empowers, educates and brings healing to others as well as themselves, using their innate spiritual gifts. Truly building a legacy. Freedom, Individuality, and Sovereignty is the key thing.

My message is that you are uniquely beautiful. You can heal past pains and live a peaceful, mindful, joyful, creative and spirited life. I guide you through the soul work process to honor your worth.

You can come out of deep pain & design a life and career that's built upon your passions that impacts lives & develops meaning. Let's create a life based around your life's story that reflects the core values you hold dear. I believe you're a visionary leader!

I am a creator, truth seeker, researcher, & Life Teacher. My job is to guide, inspire, advise, consult, & inform as a Coach & Leader.

I advise in the areas of Spiritual and Mental Health such as Self Worth, Life Purpose, Toxic Relationships & Abuse, Inner Child, Overwhelm, Emotional Pain, Intuition, Spiritual Awakening & the Dark Night of the Soul.

I specialize in the areas of Transformation, Communication, Emotional I.Q. Assertiveness, Self-Love, Self-Sabotage, Forgiveness, and Mindfulness.

I'm a scholarly kind of person who is very studious. A professional student for life!

My professional interests vary. They include Creative Freelance, Personal Branding, Podcasting, Deep Coaching, Writing, and higher education in the metaphysical, philosophical, para-political and psychological areas.

Things I love are books, journaling & writing, self-help, wine, cooking & exotic foods, ancient cultures, the 80s, Music, (psychedelic, ambient, trip-hop, soul, world fusions) The moon's cosmic cycles & phases, ceremony & ritual. I adore Middle Eastern dancers & plan on returning to Belly-dance soon.🙏

My future dream project is to create a retreat on the Island of Roatan, where my mother & Grandmother were born.

I currently live in SeaTac, WA.

  • Work
    • The Sacred Raven Soulwork
  • Education
    • Transformation Academy/ Certified & Accredited
    • Highline College/Hospitality and Tourism
    • South Seattle College /N.W. Wine Academy
    • Port of Seattle/Global Customer Services Pro
Hi! My name is Jennyfer Kelly, 20 years old from Brazil. First of all, Thank you so much! You changed me (for the best) in Just one day, that was incredible, I was going thru a worst phase and the advice you gave to me brought me back.You were completely right, now I love myself much more, I dedicate myself to me with much more determination. Thanks again, I love you! I wish you the best.
Jennyfer Kelly